Our native grape – the muscadine – UF/IFAS Extension Charlotte County

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IFAS Study: Muscadine wine may have health benefits. Muscadine grapes, native to the southeastern U.S., are different from the grapes used in French wines, said Liwei Gu, a food science and.

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Muscadine Grapes If you’re interested in growing grapes in Florida, then look no further than the muscadine grape, native to our state and other areas of the Southeast. Sometimes called scuppernongs, these grapes are popular because they have a high degree of tolerance to pests and diseases and can be grown with minimal or no use of pesticides.

Commissioners Cooperating. Nick T. Place, dean for UF/IFAS Extension. Introduction The muscadine grape (vitis rotundifolia michx.) is native to the southeastern United States and was the first native grape species to be cultivated in North America. The natural range of muscadine grapes extends from Delaware to

While table, wine, and concord type grapes rarely live for more than a few years in our area, muscadines thrive. This tough native grape can be found growing along woodland edges throughout the south and is easily cultivated in home gardens. Bronze, red and black muscadine varieties are available.

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Muscadine grape is a high climbing, woody vine that grows up to 60′ to 100 long in the wild. It has long-reaching, alternately arranged branches. Stem: In contrast to most other grapes, muscadine grape has a tight, non-shedding bark, warty shoots, and unbranched tendrils. Leaves: Leaves are simple, deciduous, and about 4" wide and 4" long.

Our native grape – the muscadine – UF/IFAS Extension Charlotte County sary information and discussion with county extension agents, experienced grape growers and researchers at the Center for Viticulture and Small Fruit Research, University of Florida/IFAS and Florida grape growers association for information and advice to start the.

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The muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia) is a native Florida vine that has been enjoyed by Native Americans, colonists, and contemporary Floridians alike.