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Ecuador, the largest banana exporter in the world, banana exports shrank as flooding damaged the crop, reducing the output by 416 000 tonnes, or 5.6 percent, relative to 2011.

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Other items include barbecue ribs, banku, pasta with grilled chicken and bread. The breakfast menu includes donuts, shortbread, banana bread made with rice flour or Cream of Wheat, fried Puff Puff.

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According to various sources, we find that bananas, despite being full of potassium, fiber and magnesium, are not a good option to consume on an empty stomach.Some of the reasons include: The high amount of natural sugars present in bananas that boost energy could also make you feel drained after a few hours.

Bananas reaching the climacteric (ripe to eat) are called "turners". The starch:sugar ratio of the fruit when ready to eat is approximately 1:20, producing fruit acids and the fine aroma. Quality / Duration of storage For transport, bananas must be sound, clean, whole, fresh, free of foreign odors and taste, free of abnormal moisture and undamaged.

Bananas are among the most produced and consumed foods globally. Because of the large production scale and the oftentimes harsh production methods employed to control irrigation and plant diseases, the impacts of banana production on the environment (soil, water, air, animals, humans,

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