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community corner Florida’s New Texting Law: How To Avoid ‘OMG’ Moment If you drive anywhere in the Sunshine State, you will now have to keep your LOLs to yourself if you want to avoid an OMG moment.

Laws Banning Texting and Driving May Be Ineffective. Despite the ban on use of handheld cellphones and other portable electronic devices while driving in New York, these laws may not actually contribute to improved motorist safety.

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Florida’s New Texting While Driving Law Posted By Boohoff Law, P.A. || 11-Sep-2013 It will soon be illegal to text and drive in the state of Florida. Beginning on October 1st, 2013, Florida will be the 41st state to implement a texting and driving law. Recently signed by Governor Scott, SB 52 is a bill that prohibits individuals from driving while typing, entering or sending any letters.

Tougher texting-while-driving ban moves in Florida house.. Tougher texting-while-driving ban moves in Florida house. Bills in the past to toughen texting-while-driving laws have failed to.

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Florida ‘Texting While Driving’ Ban Now in Effect. December 7, 2013.. however, feel that the new legislation does not go far enough, due to texting becoming a "secondary offense.". The Florida seat-belt law was signed into law in 1986 as a secondary offense, but it wasn’t until.

There’s no question that there are some things you just shouldn’t be doing behind the wheel, and few would argue against the laws that many states have passed prohibiting motorists from texting while.